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Single Purpose - I Am Now Rich

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Single Purpose - I Am Now Rich
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Dear Self-improvement seeker,

There has never been a more important time than right now to develop your self. Now more than ever, responsibility has to be taken for who you are and where you want to get to!
And it all starts with thought! Programming your mind for success and positive change is the sole reason the 'Enlightenment Products' here on Affirmation Station are developed.
The need to create an abundance mindset and to position yourself for prosperity is paramount in today's changing world. If you can be the rock, unmoving, unshakable, focussed and determined in all you do, you will achieve the levels of wealth that you'd think up till now were unattainable.

And that's where this truly unique Tool for Transformation will come to your aid.
This Single Purpose Tool for Transformation 'I am Now Rich' consists of the single Affirmation:
  • I am now rich in thought, rich in body and rich in spirit. I am now part of the abundant ever-present spirit of prosperity and opulence. All that I need is now mine, thank you

As a Life-Enhancing Power Affirmation, this declaration is recited by a classically trained British voice-over expert to Soothing, Edifying and Relaxing music for meditation. This original work provides a great background for your meditations, reflections and self-improvement sessions.

The truth you find in this Single Purpose Tool for Transformation will

  • Educate you
  • Enlighten and Lift you
  • Relax, Inspire and Rejuvenate you
  • Motivate you
  • Promote Positive Change
  • Soothe and Edify you
Read the article Making the Most of Making the Most of Yourself in the Affirmation Extras/Articles section to learn how you can truly benefit from this and other Premium Affirmation Station products.
All my best
Johnny London
Feature: Also included in the pack is a FREE Voice-Only version (ie, no music)
Feature: This Life Changing wisdom could be invigorating you in just a few minutes!
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